Sharing Important Info – RCA Halachic Health Care Proxy

Beyond Davening
Providing a place to pray is the first service a Shul provides, but if it’s the only focus it misses the point. A Tzibur or congregation is much more that a group of people looking to fulfill their prayer obligation. It’s also a place to do acts of chesed (kindness).

Sharing Information
One important type of chesed is sharing important information. After Shabbos this week, a friend with whom I daven, asked me to scan this Halachic Health Care Proxy and post it to share the information with our Shul. Since it’s such important information, I decided to share it with all our readers.

What is the Halachic Health Care Proxy
This Halachic Health Care Proxy, revised in August of 2009, is designed to help ensure that all medical and post-death decisions made by others on your behalf will be made in accordance with Jewish law and custom (Halacha). This document is of great importance in light of in-roads made by medical service providers to insert themselves into the decision making process of patients and their families regarding end-of-life issues.

Unity Across Orthodoxy
A side benefit of this document is that it was created by a united effort across Orthodoxy as the Rabbinical Council of America, the Agudath Israel of America and the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America were all active in it’s origination and implementation.

Sharing important information is an important but often overlooked function of a Shul. Implicit in the act of sharing is the fact that you care about other members and are making an effort to inform them. Please download, fill out and register the Halachic Health Care Proxy for you and your families benefit.