The Weekday Shacharis Minyan – It’s Just a Minyan After All

In the past, I posted about a weekday Shacharis minyan mechila experience and the difference between a minyan and a Tzibbur. After giving it some thought, I think a typical weekday Shacharis minyan can not become a Tzibbur.

The main reason is that there is not enough commitment from the members. Most don’t spend enough time there and it’s difficult to developer deeper relationships give the daven and out nature of the minyan. In addition the financial commitment is minimal, which also diminishes the emotional commitment.

Given that the minyan is not a Tzibbur in the fuller sense of the word, it makes sense that those most involved, the Gabbaim, should make the rules. They’re the ones who are most committed to the success of the minyan and they should have the say in what rules to follow. That’s not to say the Gabbaim shouldn’t be open to suggestions, but unlike the Shabbos Shul, the process is less democratic in such an instance.

I mentioned these thoughts to the Gabbai from the Shacharis minyan and he asked what were the added capacities of a Tzibbur. I mentioned the Chesed aspect to him , but I think there’s more to it. I’ll try to codify it in the future.

One thought on “The Weekday Shacharis Minyan – It’s Just a Minyan After All”

  1. I think that a Shacharis Minyan performs one of many aspects provided by a Tzibur. Who davens, leins, gets aliyos-these are invariably determined by a Gabbai. I would suggest that the Gabbai’s Mechilah was probably meant for the “regulars” of the Minyan in question. Chesed in this context might mean responding affirmatively if you are asked to be a Baal Tefilah or Baal Koreh.

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