A New Opportunity

Thank you Hashem for beginning the opening of our Shuls. And thank you Governor Cuomo for being the bearer of this good news.

Shabbos will be a long awaited reunion for those of us re-entering our Shuls. And many of us already experienced our first power-of-ten davening experience this week. Others are still patiently waiting for the signal to begin minyanim.

We are faced with a new opportunity for us to re-ignite our davening. A new opportunity to storm the heavens so that all of our brethen can daven and pray in our Shuls and Yeshivos. A new opportunity to make our spiritual hishtadlus to bring about a complete end of this plague.

Let’s pray that we take advantage of this new opportunity. And let’s pray that Hashem will hear and accept our prayers.

Have a good Shabbos!