Five Things To Be Forgiving of in Shul this Rosh Hashanah

We’re taught that if one is forgiving of others, Hashem will be forgiving.

Here are things to be forgiving of in Shul this Rosh Hashanah

1) Time davening is over
2) Niggunim chosen by the Ba’al Tefillah
3) Temperature in the Shul
4) Kibuddim you did or didn’t received
5) The person disturbing your concentration

One thought on “Five Things To Be Forgiving of in Shul this Rosh Hashanah”

  1. Interesting flip side story. On the second day of R”H, my wife told me that a child on the women’s side of the mechitza was making noise during the shofar blowing, but the mother refused to take the child out – no matter how many people made comments to her.

    On the other hand, during the silent R”H Amidah musaf, a child at the table in front of me began making noise. The father promptly stopped his davening and carried the kid out, then returned to continue his davening.

    Some parents get it, and unfortunately, some don’t.

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