The Kitchen Cabinet

A friend challenged me on a post about getting involved a few months ago. He said that Shuls, like many organizations have closed “Kitchen Cabinets” and are not equally open to everybody.

Here’s the low down on the Kitchen Cabinet:

1) The Kitchen Cabinet is open for those who are really willing to put their skin in the game for the long term.

2) They continue to work hard for the Shul, every year, even when they are no longer officers.

3) They understand the Shul dynamics and the unique roles of the Rabbi, the President, the Officers, the Board, the Big Contributors, the Year in – Year out volunteers, and the membership.

4) They understand the change process of the Shul and which projects are worth the effort.

5) They are constantly concerned about the Shul’s financial situation.

Most Shuls want to expand their Kitchen Cabinet and if you meet the above criteria and want to accept more responsibility, please talk to those currently involved.