Your Shul is an Awesome Place

I still remember last year hoping and praying that Governor Cuomo would allow our Shuls to reopen for Shavuos. And our prayers were answered. We had very limited size minyanim, outdoor minyanim, indoor minyanim, signup sheets, very short davening. Many Shuls around the world had similiar scenarios. Rabbis, gabbaim, officers and members have been working for well over a year to accomodate the varying needs of our Shuls as the face of Covid has changed.

I’ve heard from multiple sources that some people aren’t so anxious to return to their Shuls. They like the smaller, faster, seemingly safer, more personable, makeshift minyanim that were formed out of neccessity. That’s understandable. Covid forced us to change our Shul going experience and many have not yet returned to normal.

For those of us who are beginning to unmask to normalcy, it’s a good time to look around and see what an awesome place your Shul is. Look at your fellow members. Look at your Rav. Look at your officers and adminstrators. Listen to the davening. Listen to the leining. Do some learning. And every once in a while, look to Hashem and thank Him for placing you in such an awesome place.

Chag Sameach