The Agudah of Bayswater Devastated By Hurricane Sandy

The Agudah of Bayswater was devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

As the Voz Iz Neiaz news site reports:

Bayswater, a tranquil community located on a peninsula northwest of Far Rockaway, was devastated by Monday night’s storm, with parts of the area completely submerged at the height of the hurricane.

“The bay and the ocean met up on most parts of the peninsula,” Elkana Edelman, vice president of the Rockaway Citizens Safety Patrol told VIN News. “Many people, especially those who live on the bay have had major flooding and mold is going to be a huge problem.”

The Agudah of Bayswater, located approximately one third of a mile from the bay, has been totally destroyed by the storm. The shul, which is located lower than street level had recently undergone renovations.

“They were under eight feet of water at one point in time,” said Edelman. “Now that the water has receded they are only under about four to six feet of water. Thankfully all the Sifrei Torah were removed before the storm, but while the shell of the building is still intact, the building will need to be gutted completely.”

According to Edelman all the Sifrei Torah in Bayswater had been evacuated except one that was located in a small basement shul and was later pulled from its Aron Kodesh as it floated down the street during the storm.

The Yeshiva World news site reports:

The situation is very dire, and as of now, the shul reaching out to anyone who can assist them in rebuilding. The shul is an enormous part of the Bayswater community. There are hundreds who use it on a daily basis and rely on it for their Torah and tefilla needs. (Yeshivas Zichron Aryeh is also housed in the shul). The Shul is reaching out to the broader community to help them rebuild this vital source of Torah and Tefilla and need as much financial assistance that they can get. Checks can be made out to Agudath Israel of Bayswater c/o 1360 Norton Drive Far Rockaway NY 11691