Why People Prefer Tables Over Benches in Shuls

Here are some of the more popular reasons I’ve encountered on why people prefer tables over benches:

1) It’s easier to learn on tables

2) It’s a move away from the big noisy bench-based shuls of the past

3) It’s a warmer and friendlier atmosphere when people sit on both sides

4) It’s a good place to keep your seforim and tallis bag

5) It’s easier to put on your tefillin

6) It feel like your davening in a Beis Medrash

7) It’s easier to get in and out of your seat

It should be noted that many people prefer Lavi seating over both benches and table.

One thought on “Why People Prefer Tables Over Benches in Shuls”

  1. Relatively straight-backed chairs are best for my back. Next best is a wooden pew. A table is helpful when the siddur/machzor/Chumash/… is heavy, and for putting on tefillin. I can do without theater seats in the round or otherwise.

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