A New Normal That Truly Rocks

It’s inspiring to envision the thousands of people who are reentering their Shuls with a renewed committment. They’re not talking during davening. They’re turning off their cell phones. They’re working hard on increasing their kavanna while saying their prayers.

This renewal was born in the weeks that we spent davening alone. Even if there were some aspects of davening alone that we might have enjoyed, we still longed to go back to Shul. And when that longing was fulfilled, we did our part and stepped up our game.

There’s also feeling of renewed connection with our fellow daveners. We’re still in small minyanim, where each person counts even more. We look around and we see the same faces each day. This is our minyan. We’re truly a Tzibbur. As the minyanim get larger, we’ll take this connection with us.

I don’t know why Hashem brought Covid-19. What I do know, is that so many people in Klal Yisroel are using the new norm, to go beyond their old norms. For Klal Yisroel, our new normal truly rocks.