Setting a Shul Poster Policy

To run successful events, shiurim, fundraisers, camps and getaways, publicity is needed. So it’s no surprise that many people would like to plaster a poster or two on the walls or windows of your Shul. Although some Shuls have a hefker bulletin board or door where anything can be posted, a thought out policy is also valuable.

What to Post Policy
a) Shiurim
b) Child and Social Events
c) Fundraisers
d) Business Ventures
e) Public Notices
Some shuls give a precedence to items in which members are involved.

How to Post Policy
a) Hefker Board
b) Ask the Rav
c) Ask the Gabbai
d) Ask the Posting administrator
e) Put it up and the Shul will decide what to take down

Where to Post Policy
a) Hefker Board
b) Locked Bulletin Board
c) Wall Space
d) Outfacing Windows

Our shul posts Shiurim (internal and external), Child and Social Events (internal), Fundraisers and Public Notices (on the Rav’s direction). We have a posting administrator. Our prime posting spot, on the outfacing windows, is reserved for Shiurim and Shul Events. The second outfacing window is for significant external and ongoing events. We have a locked bulletin board for Shul events and community information. We don’t allow posting on wall space, but women’s shiurim are sometimes posted on the entrance to the women’s section.

As in many things, moderation makes sense. Too restrictive – people don’t know what’s going on. Too lenient – the Shul starts to look like a plastered poster depot.

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  1. Our shul has a massive bulletin board and I would like to think that people get permission to put things on it. The fiew times that I have put anything on it or left material for distribution, I have gotten permission from the Rav of the shul.

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