Hashem Loves Us – Our Shul Loves Us

Sometimes it’s hard to feel the love. We all experience difficult times in our lives and we have to make extra effort to remind ourselves that Hashem loves us all the time. He gives us family, friends, food, shelter — life! We need to recognize all the gifts that we can never repay.

So too, it’s often hard to see that our Shul loves us. The officers and committee members may get a little cranky at times, but they provide us a place to connect to our friends and Hashem. Trying to serving us the best they can, usually requesting nothing in return. Since it becomes a commonplace occurrence we fail to recognize the good they do for us.

One of my great Rebbeim, Rabbi Yitzchak Kirzner z”l taught that our relationship to Hashem is improved through our improved relationships with people. It’s an Avodah to see the love and caring that others send our way and that will help us see the love that Hashem showers on us.

See the love, feel love, connect through the love.